Sunday, 19 January 2014

From Bath Station to Larkhall via Widcombe and the Canal

Meeting after 2pm at this time of year entails a bit of rushing to take photographs before it goes dark, especially if lunch is involved as well. Rather than walk straight to Larkhall to see a friend's new house, we had lunch at the garden centre in Widcombe and walked along the canal in the last of the days sunshine. I don't remember seeing so many houseboats along the stretch of the canal near Widcombe before, this time there were many burning wood making a very atmospheric scene I have tried to capture below:

 We then came across half a dozen people taking close ups of anything they could find to photograph:
And suddenly the houseboats had disappeared and the canal became majestic with beautiful vistas:
 As the sun was setting behind bath, there were some lovely views:

 And then Solsbury Hill appeared and more houseboats reappeared as we almost reached Larkhall:
 It's difficult to know when to stop adding photos.
 By the time we reached Larkhall, the light was fading so fast, it is hard to see much of this gate below next door to Ironart, a great place which looks well worth a visit. Further along the road was an interesting looking bookshop.
 By this time it was too late to photograph the toilets recently saved from closure,  they can be seen though by clicking on this link

It was great to reach the comfort of the new house, and see a familiar painting, one of Tim Carroll's.

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