Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunset on 4.1.14 at Wichelstowe

After several days of rain, and floods on the way to Avebury, and even worse over much of the country, it was interesting to walk round Wichelstowe at sunset. It was amazing we had any sun at all, after many days totally devoid of sun.
The lakes and canal look lovely, the organisation of the excess water recently created has been efficiently dealt with by many sluice gates and pumps which appear to be working admirably to create several different levels of water in quite a small area.
 Above a submerged path, but only slightly, and below some fast moving water around sluice gates

 Above a view across to the houses; the water has been kept away from them.
 Above a quite high canal, and below some geese looking for food.
 Below a series of photos towards the sunset behind the motorway bank

Maybe too many photos of the sunset, but I really like them.