Saturday, 22 February 2014

Galanthophiles Gathered at Cerney House

Maybe it's an exceptionally good year for Galanthus, snowdrops to most of us, I'm not sure, I have never seen them in quite the same way as I did yesterday at Cerney House gardens. I became a lover of snowdrops, a Galanthophile along with many other people delighted by the snowdrop walk at Cerney House where there are an astonishing number of different varieties of snowdrops.
I didn't photograph the name of this one, but there was a 'j' part way through it, probably my favourite, there are 2 flowers side by side with yellow spots around the frilled petals. :

 There are 2 flowers here with yellow spots around the frilled petals.
There were carpets of snowdrops:
And features like boxing hares:
 And a lovely seating arrangement:
And many different varieties of Hellebores:

The house is majestic:
 The walled garden even in February has a host of interesting features like this box hedge, one of many.
Looking at different snowdrop sites, one of the most fascinating one was this:    which shows how many people have discovered their own snowdrop variety and named it after themselves, or where they live.

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