Sunday, 16 February 2014

Venus Visible at Sunrise, Frogs Mating and Snowdrops Flowering

What a day! After weeks of rain, wind and very little sun, today was gloriously sunny all day which was good news for those who ran the 10k in aid of Prospect with donations from Nationwide.
My day started around 6am when I saw Venus shining very brightly and continuing to do so until the sun had completely risen:

 In the photo below, Venus can only just be seen!
It's going to be possible to get views like this of Venus for the whole month if the sky is clear at sunrise, it's worth setting the alarm to have a look.
The sun during the day seemed to encourage the snowdrops to open more fully, the double ones in particular seemed to develop almost curly petals:
 The single ones also seemed to have grown really tall:
The pond has been inspected daily for frogspawn, with no evidence of it at all, but late this afternoon, when I walked by the pond, there was a splashing sound and bubbles came to the surface; I think there are frogs in there, hopefully mating.

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