Saturday, 1 March 2014

Central Library Exhibition

There was a tremendous response to a call for artists to put work into the great gallery space to the right behind the cafe. Having collected the work, it was arranged in a line along the wall at which point one of the security guards, maybe worried about how easy it would be to walk off with the paintings, asked if we were going to leave them there!
Rachel and I managed to put Ken's painting on the wall before Tim came along and volunteered to help, which was just as well because otherwise we'd probably still be there knocking nails into the wall!
Here are Rachel and Tim part way through putting the pictures up:
and the final wall, it looks great:

Colin Curtis events organiser at the library, took a photograph of Jane and I beside the pictures:

And here are a few close ups:

And below, Jane Milner-Barry's 'Still Life with Oranges':
 With reflections unfortunately, Bardwell and Baskerville's 'Thriller'
 One of Caroline Day's paintings inspired by the Old Town Gardens, for more information on Caroline's group, click on this Facebook page link:
 And below one of Melinda Smith's Aluminium repousse pictures:
Pat Elmore kindly brought along a flock of sheep now settled in the courtyard:
And a couple of stone carvings on plinths.
The exhibition runs until the 29th of March.

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