Thursday, 6 March 2014

Farewell to the Landing Arts Gallery

Jaime Bullock has been organising exhibitions at the Landing Arts Gallery on the first floor of the Arts Centre in Devizes Road for the last 2 years. There have been some memorable exhibitions, each had an opening night with drinks and nibbles and an entertaining group of people, and now that the Arts Centre management is changing, Jaime has given up the running of the space.
Hopefully there will continue to be exhibitions there, but from an exhibitors point of view, the opening times at the weekends aren't great. Certainly when we have used it for Open Studios, out of our usual 12 hours of opening per weekend, artists were only able to open for 3 of those at the Arts Centre.
Gordon Dickinson took some great photos of the evening, and put them on Facebook, they are here:
I took a few photos, only two of which are worth showing:
 And just one of two paintings in close up, but didn't photograph the information.

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