Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Finding out more about Social Media to Publicise Swindon Open Studios

I spent a very useful day today at Stroud Valleys Artspace at an event hosted by Gabriella Smith of Open Studios Network about how to use social media to advertise your open studios event.
It was an interesting and entertaining day led by Graham Todd who introduced us to the many different forms of social media we could employ, here he is below.
 And Jane talking to Rosie about how to achieve the blue and purple hair colours when she should have been discussing Facebook and Tweeting.
 Here am I asking for help getting my phone onto the WiFi:
 Below a general view of the room and a few people wandering around in a break
So what have I done as a result of the day?
I have tried using my Twitter account more, it's www.Twitter.co.uk/@kasmaty and adding a photo taken last weekend as my photo:
I thought I looked OK until my daughter pointed out my eyes were closed.
After the event we wandered around Stroud before catching the train back to Swindon and admired the lovely former art college with faces of Rosetti, Faraday, Newton and various others just visible:

 And below Queen Victoria graces the end of the building.

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