Thursday, 20 March 2014

Good and Bad News on the Allotment

Today was the first day I have tried to prepare the soil for planting potatoes and onion sets both of which are ready to go in now.
At first glance, the allotment looks like a right mess:
With fallen canes and lots of weeds. in an average year, none of this matters, if the ground has been turned over in the autumn, which it was, by the spring all that is required is a bit of raking and collecting up the weeds and the ground is ready to plant. Not this year, we haven't had sufficient frost to break up the clods, and far too much rain, and recently some drying winds. The result is very hard ground which will take much longer than usual to coax into shape.
The good news however is that the protection for the purple sprouting broccoli worked so the pigeons haven't eaten it:
 There were also about 4 lbs of parsnips still in the ground that I'd forgotten about, plus Swiss chard and leeks.
Here are the gorgeous parsnips, there's only one on the left that's a bit misshapen:

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