Tuesday, 25 March 2014

There really isn't a Spring in the Garden

We have had a lot of rain in the last 5 months so I didn't think too much about a squelchy area of grass by the washing line, but when the grass grew longer and lusher around the damp area, I began to wonder whether there was something different about that area. Crows began to pull some of the grass out, and blackbirds began drinking from it. Here's the original photo taken of it:

Today I took a grass rake to the area and discovered a small spring where water could clearly be seen emerging from the ground, it looks like a circular area on the photo:
I'll have more of a prod around tomorrow, but it certainly seems to be a spring, or at least I thought it was. My daughter was very sceptical about the idea of a spring suddenly appearing, and suggested I got a plumber to look at it . The fact that the 'spring' stopped when the mains water was turned off pointed to the fact it's a leaking pipe, now fixed. The spring was such a romantic idea.

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