Sunday, 16 March 2014

Women's Art Association Exhibition and other Cardiff Joys

Last Wednesday's trip to Cardiff was so interesting that it requires 2 blog entries, part 1 was the previous one about Sunflower &I, this one covers the rest of the day.
Firstly we went to see the Women's Art association Open Exhibition at the Butetown History and Arts Centre in Bute Street:

 Above 'Across the Channel' by Gwyneth Price caught my eye, and the painting used for the poster shown in the last blog entry was also a lovely image:

It's by Shirley Anne Owen and entitled 'Garden Path, Summer'
Here's my friend Jocelyn Kynch beside her painting 'Three sofas and Concorde'
After looking at the exhibition, we looked through the postcards submitted as a fundraiser for WAA, here are a couple held up by Kathy:
More postcards including Jane's postcard can be seen on Jocelyn's blog:
From there we went down to Cardiff Bay, a real favourite of mine, it's a great area, with the fabulous John Clinch couple and their dog a popular attraction, people queue to be photographed with them:

We then went to have a look round the Pierhead building and into the Futures Gallery in there where there was a joint exhibition called 'Towards Transformation'

 Rose Gwyn's 'Labyrinth' was impressive among many impressive mosaics.

Here's an impressive fireplace in the Pierhead building, and below a detail of the fireplace.          

There are so many fabulous features in the Pierhead building, if you visit Cardiff Bay, do try and have a look at them.

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