Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bath Society of Artists 109th Annual Exhibition- Opening night

This exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery, by Pulteney Bridge, Bath runs from the 5th of April until Saturday 31st of May. The gallery is open every day except Monday, and only from 1.30-5pm on Sundays.
The exhibition was opened last night by Bel Mooney who spoke eloquently about enjoying this particular exhibition, and encouraging people to buy the paintings. Here she is standing on a stool so people could see her:
Jane Milner-Barry's gorgeous still life was behind her and can just be seen here:
And a clearer photo taken later on:
Tim Carroll had two pieces in the exhibition:
 Above  'Beach' part of which was used for the catalogue, and below 'Yellow Roundabout'
Bob Rudd's watercolours stood out, here's his 'Summer Trees':
 and 'Stourhead'
The invited artist was co-incidentally John Maine whose sculpture I'd seen in Bradford-on-Avon two days previously and appears in the previous blog entry. This is the piece he has put into this exhibition:

And this is what Peter Davies has written about it:
And finally this was an etching I particularly coveted:
It's  by Jude Freeman and called 'Winter Bouquet'.

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