Friday, 18 April 2014

Mary Keen's Garden at Duntisbourn Rous

Coincidentally Mary Keen's garden is also at the Old Rectory, but this one is in Duntisbourn Rous, near Cirencester, and was open the day after the Rare Plant Fair in Quenington. Mary Keen opens her garden twice a year for the National Garden scheme, so I decided to make a spring visit, having been charmed by the garden when I visited the garden for the first time last September. It's the sort of place I'd like to keep returning to, it has so many well thought out features, it feels as though Mary spends hours and hours in the garden looking for ways of making the garden a delight.
The house is stunning and Mary is there to great all visitors and talk to them about the garden:
 I have included a few lovely things, like the Auricula theatre which was gorgeous:
 Here's one of my favourites below, there were Auriculas for sale, I bought 'Tomboy', I must look it up. The RHS magazine, The Garden in March featured a mail order Auricula nursery which I'll look up, I'd like to make an Auricula theatre
 In another greenhouse I was pleased to see one of my all tieme favourites, Pelargonium ardens which I have managed to keep for several years now despite its poor growth habit:
 Below is a photo of Narcissi and Snakeshead frittilaries in an orchard:
The adjacent church is well worth a visit as well, with a lovely window, slightly bleached out here:
 And detail of a wall painting
 And another section of it:
Mary Keen writes for the Telegraph and the Garden, her garden is well worth visiting, I'll be there again in September.

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