Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mother's Day at RPF held in Evenley Wood Garden

Last Sunday, the 30th of March, I visited my first Rare Plant Fair of 2014, only the second to be held so far this year. It was held at Evenly Wood Garden, a bit of a drive from Swindon, but well worth the journey, and being Mother's day, my daughter accompanied me, and bought the plants for me.
EWG is a 60 acre garden with a large collection of plants ranging from trees and shrubs to a wide selection of lilies and bulbs.
An extensive network of paths and bridges over small streams leads you enticingly through the remarkable garden, we spent so long wandering through the garden and photographing flowers that there was little time for choosing what to buy.
Here's the start of the garden where the plants were for sale:
 We walked around the garden first, here's a small selection of what looked wonderful:
 Above large Magnolia flowers on our left at the beginning of the walk through the woods
 Above and below, carpets of Scilla.
 Below one of the tranquil waterways flowing through the wood:

 Above daffodils en masse, and below one of the many tranquil seated shelters:
 More water and daffodils:

 Above those glorious tiny Narcissi with blown back petals, and below a fabulous Magnolia variety John Bond I think.

 Above more glorious pale Narcissi, and below my purchases at home.
 They are:Narcissus 'Jack Snipe'
Dicentra Spectablis Valentine
Chrysanthemum No1 Jessie Cooper
Epimedium fargessi Pink Constellation with very dramatic flowers
Aubretia Red Carpet
Bellevalia Paradoxa
Narcissi 'Pacific Coast'

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