Friday, 18 April 2014

Rare Plant Fair at the Old Rectory in Quenington

Last Sunday the Old Rectory at Quenington, GL7 5BN, hosted the fourth Rare Plant Fair
Having been there for sculpture exhibitions and also plant fairs, I was keen to visit again. The garden is in a beautiful setting beside a river, there's a lovely woodland garden, vegetable garden and a swimming pool room where refreshments were sold.
This is my favourite sculpture, so cleverly 'planted' and in fact swimming in the grass:
Another great sculpture in a quiet corner of the garden:
The plant fair on the lawn:
And the river flowing beside the lawn above.
These are the plants I bought, arranged on some steps in the photo below, and still to be planted out, there's so much to prepare in the garden at this time of year, I'm fighting the forget- me- nots and Geranium phaeum two plants which threaten to take over the garden:
The next fair is at Sharcott Manor on the 18th of May, a brilliant garden, well worth a visit.

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