Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Snakeshead Fritillaries at North Meadow, near Cricklade

Yesterday we had a family picnic on the edge of North Meadow National Nature Reserve where we'd gone to see the fabulous Snakeshead Fritillaries there. They make up 80% of the UK population which is incredible when you think about it, but not so surprising when you see the numbers in the field. I make an annual pilgrimage to see the fritillaries, forgetting each year what a wonderful spectacle they make.
Photographs of the field don't seem to show the purple hue of the masses of fritillaries together, only the close ups give an idea of the flowers' majestic appearance.
 Above an old sign at the entrance to the meadow.
 Above purple fritillaries and below a rare white one.
 Below a massive number of fritillaries which can't be seen!

Alex enjoying trying to smell a flower.

Other flowers include King Cups

 And Cowslips
 And a more modern sign:
This Thursday 24th of April is the counting day, so maybe that's when they will be at their peak. Try and go and have a look.

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