Saturday, 5 April 2014

St. Laurence's Saxon Church, Bradford-on-Avon

Near to Bradford on Avon's Town Bridge is Holy Trinity Church (Norman) which was originally built in the 12th Century and next to this large church is the beautiful St Laurence's Saxon Church which was founded in 705 and enlarged in the 10th century. This very old church has had various uses during it's long life including being used as a school - it is one of the best preserved Saxon churches in England.
The interior of the church has a pair of angels high above the entrance to the altar, so high I nearly missed them:
Through the arched doorway just seen in the photograph above, is the altar with a beautifully carved stone piece:
And above this is an old stone carving, a piece of fossilised wood and a new stone carving by John Maine. There was an interesting account on the wall of the church written by John Maine about the reasons behind this particular choice of carving:
Looking up John Maine, he has been involved in many projects, including stone sculptures in Salisbury Cathedral:
The day in Bradford-on-Avon was memorable because of the church visit, and a walk to Avoncliffe along the canal where we saw a kingfisher on the way there and back, a very rare treat.

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