Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sights of Swindon

Last Wednesday two friends from school days came to visit me in Swindon, they arrived by train and from the station, we walked up the hill to Old Town taking in some of the finest views around.
Some have been photographed, and having listened to Andy Binks on Friday night, I realise I missed a lot of the sights and experiences out, and of course others are 'gone but not forgotten' as Andy would repeat with mantra like frequency.
I don't know if this is what anyone else would have chosen, but here's the tour:

 We walked up Regent Street, took in the magnificence of the Town Hall building and went inside to see the fabulous marble Charlotte Corday statue in the entrance.
From there, we walked past the strikingly blue Ceanothus in the well thought out bed at the bottom of Victoria Hill:
And from there up past Mr Cod and noticed two more signs have sprung up in addition to the Mr Cod one, the wall still hasn't been painted though, and the purple rubbish bins were still gracing the seating area.
The Pipers Area Residents Association are hoping to begin  making the flower bed more attractive in their biennial tidy up on May 11th.
From Mr Cod, we walked up the hill further and nipped into the Ladies toilets which have been so sensitively renovated, retaining most of the original features, although maybe the cisterns would have been cast iron originally
Here's Kathy looking at the washing area,

And Jay thinking she's not going to be photographed by hiding behind a door and then peeking out.

 From there we went to have an excellent lunch in Los Gatos, their tapas is so tasty and the service informative and friendly.
 Fortified with lunch we had a look round the museum, the wild life exhibition went down very well, as did 'Florestan' by Gillian Ayres in the art gallery.
 But as ever, the croc proved a firm favourite.
 From there we went to the Core, had herbal teas and mango juice, and then went to have a look at the exhibition upstairs in the Core Gallery:
 It's certainly a lovely space.
 I liked Jake Stark's 'Handstand'.
 From there we managed an ice cream each at the fab Ray's Ice Cream shop.

 Our last stop was a garden tour of my garden, and back to the station via the Beehive where Jane Milner-Barry has an exhibition of her paintings:
And so to the station after a fabulous day in Swindon, the company of course makes the difference. On the way home, walking up the hill, the sun was setting and I knew if I rushed to Cross Street, I'd be able to see the sun setting, on reflection I probably should have cropped the photo to remove the bins, but it was glorious watching the sun go down.

 What amazing colours.

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