Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Trip to Hereford to Visit Artsite 3

Last Saturday, on a glorious day, I joined the steering committee of Artiste in Swindon on a visit to Hereford to see how a set up based on the Swindon Artsite model was progressing. Their building is situated on a small industrial estate very close to Hereford station, here we are on arrival:
 And here's a close up of the sign.
We looked round a very well organised interior getting a glimpse into people's various working environments. There wasn't that much to photograph, but there was some lovely stained glass on the wall.
From the studios we walked to a a shop selling items made by local people living in the area. I was struck by what a beautiful place Hereford is. There was a market in full swing as we walked past black and white buildings typical of the area:
 After walking along a series of narrow coffee shop lined alleys bursting with enterprise and individuality, we arrived at the shop whose name escapes me and appears to have no name visible in the photograph. Just look at its position, it's in view of the Cathedral:
The outside of the shop:
Close up of sign:
These cups looked perfect in the window:
 Inside it has the most delightfully arranged artefacts from handmade silver jewelery:
 to ceramics, wooden items and paintings tastefully organised in and on gorgeous recycled furniture

I think I may have added too many of these pictures.
There are a few more:

We had lunch next door in one of the many organic wholefood cafes. I missed the afternoon's activities, but will return before long I hope to sample the town's delights in more detail.

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