Saturday, 10 May 2014

Auriculas at Pop's Plants

I love Auriculas and having bought a few at garden centres and enjoyed their robustness and generously prolific nature, I thought I'd try some more unusual ones. I bought 'Tomboy' a yellow Auricula from Mary Keen recently on an ngs visit to her garden, and noticed an article in the March edition of the Garden on Pop's Plants, a nursery specialising in Auriculas and was determined to go and have a look on one of their rare open days, they are mainly mail order.
It's a bit of a way from here, through Salisbury and on a bit, their catalogue describes it as being on the edge of the New Forest, but it only takes just over an hour.
It was well worth the trip, they have 1400 different varieties of Auricula, and lots for sale, although many of the most popular ones had already sold out.
Here are some photos, firstly the Auricula Thaetres used to display the plants, but not to keep them in full time, just when they are at their flowering peak as they are just now.

A close up:
Inside the large greenhouse type shed with open sides:

And a gorgeous plant, the colours are tremendous:
I now have 6 Auriculas, and this time next year should have photos of their flowers.

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