Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Dawn Chorus to Open the 21st Swindon Festival of Literature

The sun rose at 5.30am on the dot as the lone piper, Danny welcomed the dawn in Lawn Woods yesterday to mark the start of the 21st Festival of Literature in Swindon.

 Followed by Jake the Juggler and Tom.
A glorious start to the festival superbly written up in the Swindon Advertiser
My first event, apart from the Dawn Chorus was to hear the passionate Philip Lymbery talk about the true cost of cheap meat and why we must stop mega farming, if you missed it and want to know more, he's written a book called Farmageddon about his findings. Philip is responsible for the banning of keeping hens in such small crates they were unable to move, he is CEO of Compassion in World Farming, and to find out more about that, go and visit the Central Library where there is a large display and leaflets to give you more information.

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