Saturday, 10 May 2014

Iznik Pottery Collection in the Louvre

In the lower ground floor section of the Louvre there is a section on Islamic Art including  gloriously arranged sets of tiles and other artefacts made around the 1550s and qualifying as Iznik pottery with that beautiful mixture of turquoises and blues, and later on deep reds.
They are so lovely that I didn't want to leave any of my photos out, so have given the Iznik pottery photos a special blog item to themselves:
Above is the wall with patterns of tiles beautifully presented along it., and below a section of the wall:
and the bit near the beginning:

 Above a close up of the first part of the wall, and below an example of how pictures can be made from tile patterns.

 Above a ceramic hexagonal ceramic tile made in Damas, Syria between 1550-1650
 And below another beautiful tile:
 These two are ceramic tiles with blossom spray around 1540-1549

I'm glad I gave them space on their own, the Iznik pottery is so beautiful.

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