Friday, 2 May 2014

Library May Exhibition with a Literary Twist

To coincide with the Swindon Festival of Literature, we have an exhibition in the corridor behind the cafe on the ground floor. Rachel Pryor hung it slightly aided by my occasional suggestions; Tim usually hangs our exhibitions, but this time he was busy and I decided we ought to try and do it ourselves.
 Initially there was lots of talking amongst ourselves, which was great fun, but not getting any pictures hung. Above Caroline Day of the Town Gardens Little Big Festival explained there are places for 6 artists with gazebos every weekend from now until the end of September. While Declan Kelly of the Experimental Drawing Group which meets every Saturday at the number 9 Gallery looked on. Rachel is looking business like in the background.
 We started by propping the paintings up against the wall, and were given until 9pm by the library security man to hang the pictures on the wall.
 Rachel making notes about what Caroline is saying to enable labels with a literary theme. As ever, there are some people who gave little information, and others who didn't turn up.
So what did it look like after a bit of adjusting and stepping back to look at it again?
 Above on the left Terry Humphreys two paintings and on the right one above the other, Susan Carr's paintings. The top right, and the one to the left of it are both painted outdoors in Avebury, and the bottom right is painted outdoors in Westwoods. If you look at Terry's blog, you can see a much better photograph of the Avebury painting.
And finally the whole wall, I'm very pleased with the effect, well done Rachel. Labels to follow and a poster advertising the exhibition.

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