Sunday, 25 May 2014

Rare Plant Fair at Kingston Bagpuize today

As if the garden isn't packed with interesting plants, the chance to buy more specimens meant that on a day which could have been spent tidying the garden and weeding the allotment after a week away, I went to Kingston Bagpuize House where there was a Rare Plant Fair being held in the grounds.
There was a tremendous selection of nurseries there, it seemed as though there were twice as many as usual, and certainly I bought twice as many plants as I usually do, plus a large metal structure and some plant supports.
Here's sense of the atmosphere:
 As someone commented, it's like being a child in a sweet shop.
 The other positive aspect of the Rare Plant Fairs is questions can be answered, so I now know to keep taking cuttings of young shoots of African Basil to keep a plant with a good shape.
The  'Ladybird' variety of poppies tends to self seed in cracks between paving rather than in flower beds, but can be easily grown from saved seed if given warm conditions.
 I can email the nursery I bought my grapevine which isn't producing leaves with a photo of the offending plant and they will advise me on what might be the cause. Is it slugs or snails?
 After the plant buying, there's the house to look at, and the garden:

 It's beautifully laid out.
 And last but not least, when I got home, I made a note of what I'd bought and took a rather bleached out photo.

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