Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Walking to Ilfracombe from Mortehoe along the Coastal Path

As far as distances go, it's much shorter by coastal path than by road, if a bit up and down.
Ilfracombe is a short walk from Mortehoe, via Bennett's Mouth and Lee Bay, which has a quiet charm:
There's a very steep walk away from Lee Bay, along a headland and soon Ilfracombe comes into view, the outskirts populated by grand houses:
 And nearer the centre some past their best, but giving an idea of a magnificent past:
Further on, there's a beautiful harbour:
with some excellent shops beside here, including the fabulous Adrift, a clothes shop to visit if ever you are in Ilfracombe, it's apparently just opened, I was helped by the excellent person on the left of the picture seen by clicking on this link:
Interesting comments made in the article about the impact Verity coming to Ilfracombe has made to the town.
Here is Verity, she is amazing, and elicits comments from everyone walking past her. I could spend some time there listening to people's reactions.
 Here are two views of her:
More information on Damien Hirst's Verity can be found here:
Ilfracombe is well worth visiting for its many shops, places to eat, tunnels linking beaches, theatre and I'm sure there's much I missed in this short trip.
Walking back was a breeze after a lunch of fresh fish and chips.

 Above the only orchid seen on the holiday
 Coastal path above Rockham Bay
Rockham Bay at sunset

And another Devon sunset.

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