Thursday, 12 June 2014

Last few days left to join Swindon Open Studios 2014

The closing date for entries to this years Swindon Open Studios is next Tuesday 17th June, I'm encouraging people who have thought about it to join in with this festival of the visual celebrating what's going on in the studios in and around Swindon; where artists and visitors to open studios get together and enjoy the flourishing art scene in Swindon.
This is a very exciting time for me, will Toby Robson whose work is featured in our flyer join us this year? He does have a lot of other things on his mind, like fast approaching parenthood.
The latest people to join are Sophie Corrigan who many of you will remember from last year in the Beehive where she had a sell out show, and a photo of Edrice's butterfly appears on our flag. Here is this years brochure image:
Sophie was joined in a quiet way last year by Lynette Thomas who has submitted a registration form this year, here's a photo of Lynette's studio with Sophie's piece sitting in there:
Lynette has also included some other photos of her gorgeous mosaic work:

Below is a piece entitled 'Child of the 80's' mirror- a nostalgic look back at growing up in
 the 1980's,
AboveBirdhouse in your soul ( a birdhouse from a song by They Might Be Giants)
And Witch's Brew:

Lynette runs mosaic workshops, and has a studio at Artsite
The Little Big Festival running in the Old Town Gardens has also provided entertainment and a burgeoning arts scene of it's own, not just at the weekends, but during the week artists can be seen painting and drawing, have a look here:
This is a photo I took of Liam Shortridge's gazebo in Old Town Gardens a month ago:
Will he open his studio in Wroughton? We have to be patient and wait and see. Excellent news, Liam has joined.
Meanwhile anyone who wants to join can get a registration form from the website:

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