Monday, 2 June 2014

Our Big Lunch in St.Margaret's Road on Saturday 31st May

The Big Lunch - an Eden Project
What a great idea this is, apply to the council to close the road and contact residents to gauge support, or did that happen the other way round? Street parties seem to have been happening in the street for a long time, and have become an annual event, carefully organised by a few people, and enjoyed by many.
This year we had lots of games for children and adults, challenges, hanging basket planting and stalls, with lunch served around 2.30pm, and a barbeque from about 7pm onwards and fireworks at 10pm.
At 10am preparations were well underway, with ice in bowls at Pat and Pete's bar:
 Coming back from town, the road signs were looking good at 11.45am
 Plenty of warning that the street was closed
 Chairs and tables were being delivered using mark's van, and the cars have all been moved, and lots of people are in the street
 Below the bunting has been put up, and bearing in mind the 'showers at 3pm' forecast, gazebos were also erected.
 The next four photos depict the Big Lunch in full flow:

 For some reason, the photos stop there, but the rest of the day was as enjoyable as the first half.
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  1. Was the some reason wine ;-)

  2. It was lager, so yes once alcohol had been taken, the photography went downhill and stopped.