Monday, 16 June 2014

What was it like looking at 25 Gardens in Langford on Sunday?

There doesn't seem to be anywhere else that includes a group opening of this many gardens, so Langford's 25 gardens advertised in the yellow book were a must as far as I was concerned.
I spent a fascinating afternoon wandering around Langford with a friend who had come from Emsworth to accompany me, looking at the gardens and village which includes a 12th century church with tremendous buttresses on one side where it appears to be seriously listing.
The overall impression is that there are a lot of passionate gardeners in Langford, some plants do dominate like box, roses and geraniums, while others like penstemons are rarely to be seen.
We started at the end of the village at Lower Farm House where everything was impressive:
 Above a view across a long stretch of water and below a door at the side of the house
 Below another view of the borders and climbers
 Below, the vegetable garden was grown in raised beds of an exceptionally high quality
 And below, there's an AA sign for Langford, poorly photographed, but if you want to see it, Langford is only just north east of Lechlade.
Still feeling quite chirpy, we wandered round St.Matthew's church, looked at some very unusual gravestones and the lovely Church lane cottage gardens.
Below is the garden at the Old School:
 Then we flagged a bit and had tea and cake at Pember House and on again to Lockey House, so many gorgeous buildings and gardens. Cotswold Cottage garden was especially thoughtfully designed. I think below is a photo of Wellbank House's roses:
 And the remaining photos are of Bridgewater House gardens:
 Above a fabulous rose around a tree and below Martagon lilies:
 And sweet metal sculptures
 Another great afternoon out thanks to the marvellous National Garden Scheme, but tiring, after 4 hours, I was ready to stop looking at gardens.

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