Monday, 14 July 2014

Now there are 3 artists taking part in Swindon Road, Wroughton!

I was very excited when metal sculptor, Liam Shortridge announced he would be taking part in Open Studios this year, he's very close to the Prospect. When Dee Levy announced she would definitely take part this year, I waited for more confirmation, and then she said she would take part with David Morse at his house, a couple of doors away from Liam, that was great news.
I went to take some photos of Dee's work and then David's:
 I was going to say, there's a flowing fantasy about them, but I think you need to see them.

 The colours in these two are fabulous
And Dee says much of her work is inspired by David's sculptures and glass.
Fresh from exhibiting at Glastonbury, some of the sculptures hadn't been unpacked, but there is plenty here to persuade you that Wroughton is definitely worht visiting this year during Open Studios.
I'll start with the glass in the house:
 The glass and metal piece above is on the stairs, from there we went into the back garden which acts a marvellous setting for the pieces:
 Below the Grim Reaper:
 Next a vicious dog
 and a close up of the dog
 Then there's a summerhouse among the greenery
 Below is just the head of a fabulous horse, the greenhouse beside it made it difficult to photograph well
 The metal sculpture below was almost hidden by plants and looked rather like Keith Richards, I'm not sure I should have said that though
And then we came across this:
It's an original Carleton Attwood bought by David just after Carleton died.
As I left, I realised the front garden has strategically placed sculptures all around, including a cat climbing a metal structure, my camera was flashing low battery, but it means there's much more to see when you go.

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