Monday, 7 July 2014

Progress Report and a Visit to TWIGS

Well what are we doing towards getting the SOS show on the road?
Currently Jane is putting together a fold out brochure on larger than the A3 sheet used last year, so it hopefully won't be as challenging as last year to read.
Images used on the website need to be at least 1MB and those on the website and this blog need to be compressed, and they need to be excellent representations of work, showing clearly what's on offer at a particular venue.
TWIGS garden mobile was deemed too 'hidden' among the vegetation:
So I have been along to photograph it in what I had hoped was a flat green background, my visit however coincided with a downpour, so it's against a white sheet:
 It's well and truly out of its element, but at least you can see an excellent example of the sort of mobiles available when you visit TWIGS. They also have very reasonably priced perennials. I'm going back there to look at those on Wednesday, to find out more about TWIGS, visit their website at:
And just to give you an example of how fabulous the place is, have a look at their planter, wouldn't it be perfect for St.Margaret's Road?

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