Friday, 4 July 2014

Second leg of the Italian tour- Tarquinia

Tarquinia is about an hour's bus ride from Viterbo, and is often visited because of the 200 known painted Etruscan tombs, 140 are in Tarquinia.
We stayed in a B&B handily situated 5 minutes walk for the tourist information office and were kept up to date on World Cup events with breakfast tv accompanying our croissants, The Suarez inspired Facebook Photoshopped images needed no translation!
Tarquinia is set above the surrounding countryside on a hill, with fabulous panoramic views from various places:

 There are lots of medieval churches:
 The pharmacy has beautifully worked cupboards
 Here a close up of a carytid
 Sunset from a viewpoint:
 And the visit to look at the tomb paintings, some of which are clearer than others:

Next to where we were staying was this recently erected statue by Emilio Greco adding interest to a small square
The National Archaeological museum in Tarquinia is housed behind the statue in Palazzo Vitelleschi and contains lots of tombs, funery urns and contents of tombs
And on the top floor the fabulous winged horses, considered the Tarquinian masterpiece. They are superb
A trip to Italy wouldn't be complete without at least one Morning Glory photo:
And on out tour of the walls, we cam across a watercolour exhibition in here:

I must now read 'Etruscan Places' by DH Lawrence and see what he had to say about Tarquinia.

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