Sunday, 27 July 2014

Exhibition of Recent Work by Susan Carr and Terry Humphries at the Prospect Hospice

Susan Carr and Terry Humphries recently held an exhibition in the studio space at the Prospect Hospice and having missed the opening of the exhibition, I was keen to visit it when I had a second chance last Saturday, the 19th of July. I was really impressed with their work, much of it done outside, with a series of stills on a computer screen showing the view and their paintings produced from the view, cleverly put together to give the appearance of a video. As I looked at the paintings, the greatest difficulty was in deciding which one to buy, they are so delightful, it was a hard decision,a nd as I look at the ones I photographed, I'm sure I'll buy another one before long.
Here are some of the smaller paintings beside the entrance to the studio:

 Above is 'The Picnic in Old Town Gardens' by Susan, we have used this image for the brochure cover this year. It was bought by Caroline Day
 Above 'Poole Harbour' by Susan Carr

 Above one I liked a lot, 'Cows near Cricklade'
 And this one is lovely, 'Lydiard Park' By Terry

 These mini books for £5 were also a brilliant idea
 Above a painting of the Bandsatnd in the old Town Gardens
 And below 'Coleshill'
 Below a canal bridge
 And more cows in Cricklade
To have a better look at the paintings, please consult Susan and Terry's websites by clicking on these links:
Susan Carr and Terry Humphries will be taking part in Swindon Open Studios, along with Caroline Day in the Old Town Gardens.
One final photograph of the beautiful gardens just outside the studio. You can also visit the Prospect during Swindon Open Studios where you can see work produced by clients.

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