Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Old Town Gardens Little Big Festival last Sunday

This is the second year that Josie Williams has organised amazing weekends in the Town Gardens, they are very popular and it's easy to miss things if you don't check what's happening, it's easier to go along every weekend.We'd agreed to go along as Swindon Open Studios last Sunday, it was a glorious afternoon, so the gazebo wasn't really needed, although it provided a focus, and we certainly needed the table to put Tim's ceramics and postcards on, plus Jane's and Rachel's cards. You can just see Nicky Walker in the background filming the event, I need to find her card to add her website
Below Caroline Day who organises the art in the gardens at the weekend doing a charcoal drawing of the bandstand, she had a portfolio of work produced there which I annoyingly didn't photograph
Around 2.45pm the Highworth band began to play and throngs of people came to listen and buy refreshments from the cafe, it was idyllic, an escape from the usual rushing around
Here's the nearly finished picture.
And below a poster with some of the information I've missed:
 There's a Facebook page: Old Town Gardens art work - Swindon
Thank you Caroline for a great day out.

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