Tuesday, 8 July 2014

There's a Lot to See at Sharon Rich's right next door to Farmer Gow's

If you're going to see Pat Elmore, it's just a short distance along the B4508 and onto Henleaze farm where Sharon Rich has a display of beautiful hand carved stone sculptures for the home and garden. Sharon's sculptures are set in her large garden to give you an idea of what they might look like in your garden, there is also the best view of the Uffington White horse one is likely to see.
Here's the Seahorse I think we might use for the brochure, it's made of pink Alabaster:
I'm hoping I've photographed it well.
A strong contender was also the horse's head, although I couldn't quite get the detail to show up in the photo:
 And below a piece which lives in the middle of the front garden
 With Open Studios in mind, Sharon has made these delightful stone pendants which still need a bit of polishing:
 By the time I took these photos, we were in Sharon's studio where some of her pieces are being stored
 And some more smaller ones here:
 Above some clay heads, and below a lovely piece in the garden. What was it? Why didn't I take notes?
Lastly I'll mention the free range hens happily scratching in their runs, Sharon has many different breeds, there are hens and eggs for sale. Having nearly reached the end of the book about factory farming, Farmageddon, it's great to see such happy hens looking happy and contented.

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