Thursday, 24 July 2014

Visit to Tate St.Ives and other delights

No visit to St.Ives would be complete without a visit to the Tate, photographs are not allowed once inside, so I photographed the poster at the entrance:
Then wandered round the gallery, particularly enjoying the Winifred Nicholson 'Window-Sill, Lugano', a spherical Bernard Leach pot and a stone carved Modigliani head. I also suddenly 'got' Alfred Wallis, maybe it was something to do with looking at boats in the bay.
Lunch in the upstairs cafe overlooking the beach was great, I should have taken a photo, instead took one of the view I drew of the island after the Tate visit, just outside the gallery.
There are some lovely flower displays around St.Ives:

And the sea in some places seems strangely turquoise, doesn't that make it seem even more lovely?
 I think these two photos are great.
Another thing about St.Ives is the emphasis on home grown veg and wholefoods, here's someone writing on The Allotment Deli's window after closing time:
The next day, the window was packed with all sorts of home made bread and there was lots of frswh veg around outside.

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