Friday, 15 August 2014

Art in Windows- a Great Way to Advertise Swindon Open Studios

Spreading the word about Swindon Open Studios is now the main aim of those organising and taking part in Swindon Open Studios. It's taking place on the 6th/7th and 13th/14th of September, so with around 3 weeks to go before the first weekend, we are very keen to ensure everyone knows it's happening. Only this week, I was at a meeting when someone commented it would be so good if Swindon had an art trial like they have in Brighton where he lives.
So if putting pieces of art in prominent positions in shops, promotes the event, that would be great.
Here's where we've got to so far:
In Francis George on the High Street, Tim Carroll's 'High Street from the Lawns'
 And in the Wheatsheaf: Jane Milner-Barry's seascapes:
 And I feel very ingeniously placed, at Charles, Lucas and Marshall in the High Street, Terry Humphries painting of Old Town gardens:
 And only placed yesterday, Margaret Sadler's 'Bales II, North Meadow now in Tony Knowles Interiors, on the corner of Newport Street and Devizes Road. Reflections made it difficult to photograph, you need to go and see it. I bought the twin, 'Bales I' *
 And below Susan Carr's 'Runner in Old Town Gardens' painted specially for Run in Wood Street
Joe Wright emailed me to let me know he'd put some of his work in Mr Wilson's butcher's shop in the High Street, not only did he have this lovely photo of Crocosmia in the window:

 But he also had this fab woodland scene inside the shop. They look wonderful.

*Here's 'Bales I, Cricklade meadow', a picture I have wanted for a long time.

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