Friday, 15 August 2014

Artist's Invitations to Swindon Open Studios

A great way to publicise one's open studio is to invite people to it. It's like a party, come along and enjoy yourself, there's always lots going on at anyone's open studio.
Here are the invitations I've received so far:
John Paget and Cheryl Holland's invitation:

 David Bent's
 David Robinson and Mark Worrall's invitation in 3 parts:

 Susan Carr and Terry Humphries invitation:

And Vanetta Joffe's invitation:

And Tim Carroll's:
And Joe Wright's invitation:

There are artists with Jane Milner-Barry at 45, St.Margaret's Road, here's the lovely invitation:

And Artsite's invitation to their 'War' exhibition and open studios weekends:

And Mark Worral's invitation which I realise was an email invitation, I thought there was text on the image, but there isn't:
And Carmen's invitation:

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