Monday, 25 August 2014

Ashwood Nurseries- brilliant gardens and unusual plants

Ashwood Nurseries looked very promising when we looked for nurseries near The Mount, indeed it exceeded our expectations by a long way. Ashwood is a traditional working nursery, producing a large proportion of plants on sale, specialities include hardy cyclamen, hydrangeas, salvias, daphne, hepaticas, auricula etc. They have a nursery show garden which is brilliant, immaculately maintained glasshouses and sales areas providing inspiration; it's hard to visit without buying, and that's the point isn't it?
Starting with a walk round the show garden, it's obvious that there are some lovely specimens here:
 Above is a beautiful Daphne, tempting to buy a small plant if it grew into a lovely shrub like this.
 Above a general shot of the garden, and below greenfinches just visible on and near the feeder
 Below a beautiful Hydangea paniculata in full flowering glory
 Dahlias were used to good effect:
 Then there were some choice arrangements in planters, offering inspiration:
This one above caught my eye, it has Echeveria shaviana 'Pink Frills' with Crassula pellucida 'rubra' in it.
I was so attracted to the combination of these 2 plants that  I bought them and a genuine terracota English made 'Willow' pot, and planted them up and am very pleased with the result, a little bit of Ashwood in the back garden.
 Above and below 2 gorgeous planters using Aeoniums at the centre

 Above a selection of handmade Willow pots for sale and below part of the sales area.
So this is what I bought:
 The Sedum is 'Lime Zinger' in the Sunsparkler series, and below at home planted in a container and looking good
I still have to work to where to put the Euphorbia.
There are good Midlands motorways nearby making it an easily accessible nursery, and very popular judging by the full car park. There is a shop and restaurant, making it a perfect destination for all.

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