Thursday, 28 August 2014

Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses

The Midlands tour included a day in Birmingham starting at the Botanical Gardens where for the price of the entry fee, about £5.50, one can park for 12 hours.
The gardens were designed by J C Loudon, the most innovative and successful garden designer  of his day, and opened in 1832, and it's good to see the site still used for the gardens, like a green lung in the centre of Birmingham.
The visit starts with the glasshouses, the first being the tropical house which is the oldest of the glasshouses and a Grade One listed building.
 Below is a Bromeliad Aechmea fascista, and above I'm unsure.
 There are some lovely features beyond the glasshouses including the fountain and bandstand
 with the Lawn Aviary just visible in the background, and seen more clearly below:
These structures looked so fabulous.
Also wonderful was the cacti and succulents bed along the Loudon Terrace outside the glasshouses where I saw Echeveria Pink Frills again:
Did they buy it from Ashwood nurseries, or is it available elsewhere?
The dahlias were also so lovely:

And there was also a butterfly house at the furthest edge of the garden where there were butterflies emerging from pupae, I didn't photograph those, but did get a photograph of this one:
The botanical gardens are well worth a visit, more information here:

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