Sunday, 10 August 2014

My First Old Horts Meeting- a Visit to Euridge Manor

Having joined Twitter to help publicise Swindon Open Studios, I pleasantly surprised to discover there are masses of gardeners posting on Twitter, often with fabulous photographs. Old Horts kept cropping up often, it seemed they were a group passionate about gardening who wore badges and had just recently published a book in which 25 members told their story about how they became passionate gardeners.
I joined the Old Horts on Twitter and managed to secure a place at the Euridge Manor BBQ hosted by Andy Wain who is head gardener of the 5 acre landscaped garden. It was a fabulous experience, I met lots of Old Horts, had many fascinating discussions, was inspired by many things in the garden and ate lots of lovely food.
 I'm thoroughly enjoying reading 'How to grow a gardener' and love my Old Horts badge.
I took too many photos to post, so here's a selection:
 Euridge Manor site appears in the Domesday book, and being high up was ideal for siting a beacon.
Above is detail of some of the adornments around the swimming pool on the ground floor of the garden rooms, once upstairs, the splendour continued.

 Above detail of the water feature and below a view the other way towards the roof garden
 This is what you see out of the window above. Large tubs have been thoughtfully planted

 Here's the boules/croquet lawn in front of the house

 Above my favourite paving with Erigeron karvinskianus growing between the slabs
Above a pretty planter
 The lake with its summerhouse and the vista beyond giving an idea of how high up Euridge is

 Above looking back at the house, and below a view of the summerhouse from the natural pond
 which may have housed a waterwheel

 And onto the walled kitchen garden which for me was one of the most lovely parts of the garden, below the cordoned fruit trees around the walls:
 And in the centre of the veg garden, a rose covered pagoda

And from above, the vegetable garden looked just as spectacular
 This was taken from the top of the mound seen in the first photo, on the right of the photo is the garden house where we first met up and had our barbeque
Below showing the sort of view from Euridge, it's a bit like being on top of the world

 There was a lairy shirt competition, these are the old Horts who took part, Alison, second in on the right won the competition.
Thank you Andrew for hosting such a super afternoon, and may the Old Horts grow and grow.

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