Sunday, 3 August 2014

Need Something for the Garden? Go to Gardenalia in Bath

If you need anything for the garden, Gardenalia on the London Road in Bath is fabulous for unusual artefacts and in my case, a Spear and Jackson spade circa 1976.
 Sadly the spade presented to me as a leaving present in 1976 which had seen constant service over the last 38 years was removed from the John O'Flynn building site on Station Approach off Newport Street, having been erroneously given to them. Despite three visits to the site, and a reward offered, whoever has the spade refused to return it.
Anyway finding myself in Bath this afternoon having collected Tim's St.Ives painting, I suggested we visit Gardenalia to see if they had one like mine, and they did, a barely used 38 year old Spear and Jackson spade!!! Thank you Richard.
I looked around after finding the spade and took a few photos and am trying to encourage people to visit this fab emporium of gardening:
Firstly the sign and now a walk around:
 Everything is grouped with other similar things
 Above cherubic type statues in a lovely metal gazebo
 A long view giving an idea of how many plants grow between the birdbaths and many other things
 Below is a fenced off part
 Suddenly we come across a mannequin sporting a tool apron and hat
 More fab stuff
 And what I'd gone for, the spades, look how many there are to choose from
 And also some superb perennials, I bought an Echinacea, Achillea and an Aster
 You can just about see the plants I bought to the right of the magnificent spade, how long will it take to get it to the fab state mine was in after years of use?
For more information here's their

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