Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Beehive is Having its First Refurb for 30 years

The Beehive closed last Sunday 10th August and will have a grand reopening, after a refurbishment, on the 29th August. There has been a lot of speculation about what is going to be done to the pub, but no one really knows apart from Andy Mercer, the landlord. Last weekend saw a record number of people drinking in there, even allowing for the fact the the Swindon Shuffle was taking place.
What were we doing 30 years ago when the last refurb took place? And how many people have drunk in there over that time? Questions like this have spawned a rash of wonderfully nostalgic photos on Facebook of great characters we knew in there, most spectacular of them all of course being Noel Reilly, landlord before Andy Mercer who was keen to bring culture into the Beehive experience.
Anyway I thought I'd take a few photos of how it was when taking down the Swindon Open Studios exhibition in the top bar, I'm tempted to add a few photos appearing on Facebook, and may do that another evening.
Here are the photos of the Beehive as it was: 
 Tim walking from the bottom bar
 The two paintings either side of the fireplace which may or may not be retained
 The fireplace which rumour has it is staying

 The top bar above, and below the fireplace seen from the bottom bar
 And below the very lowest part of the pub
And now the Swindon Open Studios pictures, Ken White's lino cut on the right and two of Tim Carroll's prints
 And below Carole Humphreys and Margaret Sadler
 And here 4 of Jane Milner-Barry's scenes of Swindon
 There is also a monthly art exhibition on the wall facing the bottom bar which I haven't photographed.
But I did photograph a few of Fred Blunt's fab portraits:

More on the Beehive on the 29th of August, and in the meantime, lots of speculation and nostalgia.

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