Friday, 22 August 2014

The Latest Photos of Art in Windows

I'm really pleased with the way this has taken off this year. I have just been on a quick tour of Old Town and photographed the artwork and the businesses, so I'll upload them and you can do the same tour yourselves if you're in the area.
I started with Minuteman Press in Newport Street, they have a Jonathan Paget inside the shop:
 and a small 'plug' for Minuteman Press who have been so helpful this year to SOS
 Walking into the High Street, you can see Joe Wright's piece in the window, but you'll have to go inside for the other piece of work by him:
 Below, a triumph of painting, a cupcake painted by Jane Milner-Barry in response to the message that they will only display cupcakes:
And the outside of the shop:
 Next Jake Rudman at Francis George kindly placed Tim Carroll's piece actually in the window with its information:
 It is easier to see if you go and have a look
Next a reminder about Terry Humphries piece in George, Lucas and Marshall:
 Carmen B Norris in Trousseaux
 and here's the outside of the shop on the corner of High Street and Wood Street:
 Below walking down Wood Street, Susan Carr's 'Runner in Old Town Gardens' in Run
 I didn't manage to get the window and name together
And onto Deacons where David Bent's book is on display with some text:

 Next onto Magnum Wines who are kindly loaning glasses for the Launch at the Museum and Art Gallery in Bath Road from 7pm on the 5th of September. They will be displaying Margaret Sadler's wine glass when they next alter their window:
 Here's the outside of Magnum Wines:
 From there down Victoria Hill to Baila where Lynette Thomas has a mosaic chair entitled 'Citizen not Subject'
 Here's the information:
 And the outside of Baila next to Long's Bar:
 And home via Tony Knowles' Interiors where Margaret Sadler has 'Bales II'
 And here's the outside of the shop on the corner of Newport Street and Devizes Road.
Jane Milner-Barry has 2 pieces in the Wheatsheaf :

A very pleasing start to Art in Windows.

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  1. Great job Linda and SOS committee for placing the artworks. Hopefully it will attract loads of interest to the tour.