Friday, 5 September 2014

Finding your Way Around Swindon Open Studios - Part 6 -Wroughton and Wichelstowe

Firstly, the launch of Swindon Open Studios at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery was really good this evening, thank you to all those who came along, and thank you so much to Nicki Western who gave up her Friday evening to be the member of staff in charge, and thank you to Madam Mayor, Teresa Page who added something special to the evening.
Big thanks also to Jane Milner -Barry and Rachel Pryor for their help with refreshments, the slide show and keeping it all together.
So let's get round these last 5 venues.
Firstly Rachel Pryor our publicist and ideas person on the committee, Rachel will be operating from her house at 2, Ewden Close, East Wichel, SN1 7AZ, having turned into Wicelstowe, turn right at the first traffic lights, go along the road and turn left at the T junction and you will see a great sheet flapping on the side of the house advertising SOS, you've arrived at Rachel's house where you will find coptic inspired icons, landscapes and greetings cards. This painting might be Nationwide lake:
 Also exhibiting with Rachel is Lynne Young who does illuminated letters, pastel landscapes and ceramics:
From there, turn right at the main road, cross the M4 and turn into the road that leads to the Check In and park along that road if in a car, and walk up to 118, Swindon Road, SN4 9AD where you will find David Morse's house and see some of his metal sculptures straight away, there's a very striking cat climbing a fence, and lots more incredible sculptures in an immensely long and interesting garden. I have chosen a metal sculpture and glass from over the stairs rather than the garden ones:

Dee Levy is also sharing David's space and showing her drawings:
From there it's a very short distance to another metal sculptor, Liam Shortridge who's at 101, Swindon Road, SN4 9AG. Another very long garden and very interesting sculptures and maybe music one of the days. I love this candelabra made years ago by Liam:

From Liam's house, it's a short distance along the Swindon Road in the direction of Wroughton to the Prospect Hospice on Moormead Road , SN4 9BY where there are some lovely artworks created in a lovely studio and outside adjoining space. Here's a 'Tuscan landscape' by Jaqui Phillips:
On leaving the Prospect Hospice, turn left as though going into Wroughton, and at the roundabout to Barbury Castle, having passed the new developments, turn right into last estate on the right, called Beranburh Field, SN4 0QL where Kim Pethybridge has her stone carving studio, you will see her lovely carvings, one of which 'Lover's Knot, we have in the Window Gallery. Here's another:
And our final artist sharing Kim's space is Arty Pumkin who does collages with pastels and paint like 'Words that need not be spoken' below:
Plus there are chickens in the amazing garden.

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