Friday, 5 September 2014

Finding Your Way Around Swindon Open Studios- Part 5 to the East

We have 5 venues in this group.
The nearest to Swindon is John Maskalaniec who has not moved house as he anticipated, it always takes longer than expected doesn't it? He is still at 18, Fairlawn, Liden, SN3 6ET. John loves using colour in his paintings as can be seen in the picture below, and the one in the Window Gallery of Melons:
From John's studio, it's only a short distance to the Richard Jefferies Museum, Marlborough Road, Coate, SN3 6AA where Tara and David Parker-Woolway are having a joint exhibition in the newly created gallery there. They are very excited to be the first artists to have an exhibition there:
 Above is one of Tara's landscapes, she has recently been painting animals and clothing them.
From there, it's a short hop to Liddington Manor where Vanetta Joffe will be showing visitors around her studio to see her latest works, including 'Two Pines' shown below:
Vanetta is joined by photographer Joe Wright who has produced a gorgeous book of Liddington Manor gardens and will also be showing other photographs. Mr Wilson, the butcher in the High Street has 2 of his photographs in his shop, one in the window. Here's an example of his work:
From Liddington Manor, it's well worth going out to Longcot to 2 splendid venues, firstly Pat Elmore at Nutford Lodge, SN7 7TW, it's on the left just as you go into Longcot, next to the King and Queen pub. Pat has several workspaces, a superb showroom, and a gorgeous garden stocked with sculptures, and of course she has a piece in the Window Gallery and the much loved sheep in the Courtyard at the Central Library are hers.
Above, one of Pat's gorgeous women.
There's also a marvellous, very productive garden to look round.
From Pat's studio, it's a short drive to Sharon Rich's, Henleaze Farm, next to Farmer Gow's and just beyond Longcot. Apart from Sharon's lovely sculptures, there is the best view of the Uffington White Horse, many varieties of hens to look at; and you can buy their eggs and hens.
Here's an example of Sharon's work:
There is now one area left, Wroughton and Wichelstow which will have to be written up after the launch this evening at the Museum and Art gallery in Bath Road from 7-8.30pm

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