Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Finding Your Way Round Swindon Open Studios - Part 3, Old Town

This is the biggest group of artists in different venues; Jane has kindly produced a map to help us find our way round:

They are all reasonably close to each other. How about starting with David Bent, The Old Nursery, Marlborough Lane, SN3 1RA, where you can see world class modern aviation art, and more in his wonderful studio. David has just returned from Bournemouth where he is their first official artist in residence at this summer's Air festival.
Seen below with a piece he's working on in Bournemouth last week:
 Note David Bent's studio is open the first weekend only.
From David Bent's studio, it's a short walk to St.Margaret's Road where Jane Milner-Barry at number 45 is opening her studio and exhibiting with three other artists. Open 6th/7th and 14th September, not the 13th
Hilary Sinclair, a painter of landscapes and animals:
 Meg Buick, winner of the Richard Ford Travel Award 2014
 Lucy Britton who makes hand crafted items, accessories and decorative items.
.And Jane who does wonderful oil paintings, and has a lovely garden, captured looking lovely last summer:
From Jane's house, it's a short walk to 52, St.Margaret's Road where I live with husband Tim Carroll. Featured in Wednesday's Adver as 'Street Painting Man', Tim in addition to the growing number of scenes of Swindon and figurative paintings, also has a range of ceramics, postcards and of course the ever popular art machine where one can buy boxed artworks for a £1.
'Edmund Street' recently photographed in the Beehive top bar.I hope you can come along to have a look at Tim's art work and of course the garden which is my domain.
 Open 6th/7th and 14th September, not the 13th
From Tim's house, the nearest artists to visit are in the Old Town Gardens, SN1 4EN, Susan Carr will be near the bandstand in a gazebo with sides, below is a painting of the aviary, one of a series painted en plein air recently in the Town Gardens, along with lots of other paintings painted outside:
Also in the Old Town Gardens will be Terry Humphries with his series of outdoor paintings, below one painted by the bandstand and cafe:

Also in the Old Town Gardens, you will find Caroline Day who has laid on lots of activities in the gardens this summer, she will be pleased to talk about her work and show you her portfolio of work she's completed in the gardens:
Leaving the gardens, at 61, Westlecot Road, SN1 4EZ, you will find Jonathan Paget's studio where he paints still lives, landscapes, seascapes and portraits in oils like this one below:
Also sharing the space is Cheryl Holland with seascapes and landscapes in an impressionist style:
From there on the first weekend, you may go on down to see Marilyn Trew's paintings inspired by nature at The Willows Counselling Service, 11, Prospect Place, SN1 3LQ where there is plenty of parking if you were to arrive by car. Below is the woodland scene of Marilyns, currently in the Window Gallery opposite Artsite:
If you are looking at this blog considering where to visit on the second weekend, then Ken White's studio at 20, The Mall, will be open, along with recently produced work, you will also be able to see a fascinating selection of Ken's posters produced when McKilroys was a live music venue:
This is Ken White's Golden Lion Bridge painting.

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