Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Jonathan Paget and Cheryl Willis' Open Studio

From Ken White's studio, we went along Westlecot Road and despite the fact it was now 6.30pm, an hour and a half past opening time, Jonathan Paget welcomed us into his house, although of course Cheryl Willis who was sharing his space for open studios had gone home.
 Above and below some of Cheryl's work looking great against the blue walls
 And onto Jonathan's paintings which are interestingly peopled, the one below is of a recognisable street in Swindon:
 Here's Jonathan and his wife depicted as Lord and Lady Paget in their garden with significant places behind them
 Below trouble shooting on the Raft of the Medusa
 and then failing and being fired!!
 Below other paintings:
 Jane and Jonathan discussing life drawing and his latest painting
And then home, dropping Nicky off at Rachel Pryor's where I did a poor job of photographing her open studio:
That was a sitting down photo, and although I admired Lynne Young's bowls, I didn't photograph them, apologies for that Lynne.

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