Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Photos of Mary Keen's Garden

I am going to put the studio visit photos on the blog very soon, but wanted to put the photos taken on Monday at Mary Keen's garden first.
The Old Rectory garden surrounding the house where Mary keen lives is so wonderfully thought out and cared for, it's a joy to wander round, almost getting a glimpse of the thinking behind the planting.
The photos say it all, so I'll put them up:
 You've seen my view of the whole house form the end of the lawn, so above is a close up of the front porch with it's mass of pots around, and below as you walk through the yew hedge, this is a view of the steep bed with tall Persicarias, Dahlias, tall yews and grasses
 Below a view of the Pelargonium house which was an Auricula theatre in the spring

 Above superbly shaped rose hips and below a dark stemmed Umbellifer, what is it i wonder?
 After the first part of the garden, we walked though the churchyard, into the church, and then got this view of the church as we walked back into the garden by the vegetable garden
 Below the cutting garden, or Dahlia patch
 The next photos are of a wild patch of grasses, Rudbeckias, Scabious and others which is looking very colourful:

Maybe the blue is Cornflower?
 Still the 'wild bed' above and below, featuring the white the Aster I love so much
 Below I think Zinnias

 More exotic huge Dahlias
 Some gorgeous Heleniums
 Below a lovely stone trough with Sempervivums
 And last but not least a glorious sweet Pelargonium in a greenhouse by the orchard
Mary was in the garden answering questions, including mine on Auricula care which got answered very helpfully. Another wonderful visit to a real gardener's garden.

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