Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Some Photos of the First Swindon Open Studios weekend

These are mostly copied from artists Facebook entries, I asked if I could use them on the blog, to give you a taste of certain venues you might not have visited yet:
 Venue 29 and 30, from left to right, Caroline Day, Susan Carr and Terry Humphries with their wonderful travelling exhibitions in gazebos. Below Susan and Terry painting in the Old Town Gardens
 And below a close up of Susan in her Gallery Plein Air
Above David Bent in his studio with Myra Hartshorne  and helper at Venue 23, open  by appointment after being open last weekend
 Above art in the garden and below another glimpse of David's studio.
Below, 3 photos taken in the Beehive, Venue 5, showing Lynette Thomas' mosaics and Sophie Corrigan's textile work
 Below barman Tim has been captured beautifully in this amazing mirror
 Below an interesting shot of Sophie's work
Sam Silverton exhibiting at Artsite, Venue 2 has some lovely photos of her dramatically decorated pots:

 Aren't they lovely?
I took some photos for Twitter and Facebook as well:
 Above a trolley full of Tim Carroll's ceramics at Venue 25, that's 52, St.Margaret's Road, and below the cafe area

I'm now looking for a low table to use outside, so much nicer than a taller one.
There will be many more photos of open studios taken this Saturday when we have a look round all the venues.

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