Sunday, 21 September 2014

Swindon Road, Wroughton - 2 fab venues, including David Morse

From Kim's studio we went to David Morse's house, where he was sharing his space with Dee Levy; we were so fortunate to be able to see this amazing work
David has sculpture, like the cat above, glass like the fish below
 And paintings above and below
 Below is Dee's dragon.
 David's horse:

 And 2 views of an amazing 'pond' sculpture

 Above the winged horse and below the manic dog

 Two pieces of Dee's work on amazing paper
 And  2 photos of Liam Shortridge's work
 Liam's candelabra are just the best:
And lots still to come in the next blog items when I get back from New York
Richard Jefferies Museum above, Ella and Jake below

David Robinson above and below the Beehive

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