Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tara and David Parker-Woolway at the Richard Jefferies Museum

We were showing signs of tiring when we visited the Richard Jefferies Museum at Coate; there was a discussion about parking, and since Nicky had her filming equipment to carry we parked in the RJM car park.
There are 2 sets of stairs in the Richard Jefferies Museum, I hadn't realised this, so Nicky and I went up the far stairs near and on the way, we found a couple of lovely Jane Milner-Barry's paintings

 And a lot of paintings by Kate Tryon, this one entitled 'Burderop Park' in 1910. At this time, the Calley family owned the Burderop Estate, immortalised by Richard Jefferies in ' Round About a Great Estate':
 Once up in the loft, we found a boy on a bed
 sharing the room with a fox
 And having gone downstairs, went up the other stairs and discovered a lovely gallery space with Tara Parker-Woolway's animal portraits on the walls:
 And landscapes:
 I loved this painting:
Today was the last day the tea rooms at the Richard Jefferies museum were open. Details of  further exhibitions at the gallery when they are published, it's rumoured that Benoit Philippe is having an exhibition in the Richard Jefferies Museum Gallery soon.

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